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Postby 08GatorBait » April 29th, 2015, 2:23 pm

bigbluebazooka wrote:
08GatorBait wrote:
bigbluebazooka wrote:
08GatorBait wrote:Even Winstons attorney says he isn't mentally ready for the NFL.

If the Bucs go ahead and take Williams or Fowler I'll be okay with it despite needing a QB. If even his attorney is worried about his stability off the field..that could end up being a huge mess. Talent is all there...but he could end up another Young or Russell who can't handle himself off the field and lets it train wreck him. I love Fowler, but I want Williams over him. To me he is the most sure thing in this draft over any other player that isn't a kicker. Dudes a freak...him and Mccoy would wreck havoc.

If QB was such a big need then why did we pass on TBW and Carr last year. I don't believe we should give up on Glennon. We need a DE and Oline help badly.

I don't think Glennon will ever be that good.

I'd rather go second round QB right now and get the kid from UCLA if still on the board. Get Williams or Fowler, and a QB in the second. Rest of the draft a few offensive line and a DB or two

I still see us trading out. We need to win now. And I don't see us doing that with a rookie QB. Also keep in mind. We fired our last two coaches after two seasons. :facepalm

There is a lot of rumor mill shit floating around about Rivers. I would gladly trade number 1 overall for Rivers and a 1st or second round pick. We'd get 3-5 really good years out of him with a stud receiving core. We could actually win with that shit immediately.
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Re: Mock draft

Postby rorocanes » April 30th, 2015, 10:44 pm

My Steelers Mock draft

1- S/CB-Eric Rowe- Utah.
2-DT- Carl Davis-Iowa
3-CB-D'Joun Smith- FAU
4-RB- Jeremy Langford-Mich St
5-WR-Tony Lippett-Mich St
6-TE-Wes Saxton-So Ala
6-OLB-Max Valles -VA
7-OT-Tyler Doss- NIU..

My Gut is we're going to pick CB-Bryon Long-UConn.. He's soft.. dont like CBs who cant tackle and dont like to tackle.. Its why I want D"Joun Smith ,in the 3rd, we need at least 2 CBs. In some ways I wouldnt mine Shane Ray if he was there at #22.
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